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Buddhism—The eBook
An Online Introduction

by Charles Prebish and Damien Keown

The contents of Buddhism—The eBook, Third Edition have been carefully selected to balance breadth and depth of coverage. In almost 400 pages the key teachings of Buddhism are explained clearly and the historical development and spread of the religion is traced from its beginnings down to the present day. Buddhism has flourished in India, South East Asia, East Asia and Tibet, and a chapter is devoted to each of these major regions. Unlike most introductions to Buddhism, Buddhism—The eBook, Third Edition also takes into account contemporary concerns and devotes separate chapters to the subjects of Engaged Buddhism, Buddhist Ethics, and Buddhism in the Western World. Meditation, a subject of particular interest to students, receives fuller coverage than usual in a chapter on its own.

Summary of Contents

Pronunciation Guide
The Background to Buddhism

Part One: Foundations

  1. Karma and Cosmology
  2. The Buddha
  3. The Dharma
  4. The Buddhist Sangha

Part Two: Development

  1. Buddhism in India
  2. Mahayana
  3. Meditation

Part Three: Buddhism Beyond India

  1. Buddhism in Southeast Asia
  2. Buddhism in East Asia
  3. Buddhism in Tibet

Part Four: Modernity

  1. Buddhism in the Western World
  2. Engaged Buddhism
  3. Buddhist Ethics
  4. Reflections on the Nature and Study of Buddhism


Chronology of Buddhist History
The Buddhist Scriptures


Full Table of Contents (PDF)