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This book has been adopted by the following courses:

Institution Course Faculty
Arizona State University Buddhism Juliane Schober
Albertson College of Idaho Introduction to Buddhism Terry Mazurak
Bucknell College Introduction to Buddhism James Mark Shields
Carleton University (Ottawa) Introduction to Buddhism Angela Sumegi
College of Charleston Buddhist Traditions Zeff Bjerken
Colorado State University Introduction to Buddhism Peter McGoldrick
Colorado State University Engaged Buddhism Peter McGoldrick
Columbia University Introduction to Buddhism Paul G. Hackett
DePaul University Buddhism Karin Meyers
Dickinson College What is Buddhism? Daniel Cozort
Florida State University The Buddhist Tradition Ulrich Timme Kragh
Gettysburg College Introduction to Buddhism Matthew Kosuta
Goldsmiths College Buddhist Asia: A Cultural History Damien Keown
Middle Tennessee State University Comparative Religions Robert Hood
Manhattan College Buddhism: Origins and Interpretations Sabrina Starnaman
The New College of Florida Buddhism John Newman
Northland College Introduction to Buddhism Leslie Alldritt
Pennsylvania State University Introduction to Buddhism Charles Prebish
Pennsylvania State University Introduction to Religions of the East Charles Prebish
Siena College Buddhist Traditions James Dalton
Stanford University Buddhist Political and Social Theory Mark Mancall
Trinity College (Connecticut) Buddhist Art Laura Harrington
University of Iowa Introduction to Buddhism Morten Schlutter
University of Lethbridge The Buddhist Tradition Hillary Rodrigues
University of Maryland (College Park) Buddhism: Personal and Social Transformations Victoria Urubshurow
University of North Carolina-Greensboro Introduction to Buddhism Charles Orzech
University of North Carolina-Greensboro Non Western Religions Bill Gorvine
University of Texas at Austin Introduction to Buddhism Oliver Freiberger
University of Toronto Introduction to Buddhism Frances Garrett
University of Victoria, British Columbia Buddhism in Asia Martin Adam
University of Virginia Introduction to Buddhism Karen Lang
University of Waterloo Introduction to Buddhism Mavis Fenn
University of Western Sydney Buddhism in the Contemporary World Judith Snodgrass
University of Hawaii Understanding Buddhism John Sweeney
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